For all your cartoon needs…. CoopToons!

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Cooptoons provides custom cartoons for company mascots, business logos, spot illustrations and more!

We at CoopToons create and design original custom cartoon illustrations for business logos, stockart/clipart, company mascots, and more for any project that can use a cartoon image to add a spark, little humor and bring attention. People love cartoon drawings and our custom clipart or free clipart is a great way to bring attention to your business Logo, Web site, Newsletter, Brochure, Advertisements, Special Announcement, Screen Printing, Holiday Projects and more.

Here you can find exciting, original and attention getting cartoon clipart. Cooptoons cartoon clipart is free to use for personal use. That’s right we have free clipart! Free original cartoon clipart.

Why? Because we hope that after you use our free clipart for your personal projects that when you need custom work done you will remember CoopToons and come back. So, if you need a custom cartoon drawing or illustration for your special project such as a business logo, web site and more, please contact us for details.

Please remember that the free clipart cartoon drawings are original CoopToons creations, and are copyrighted by Gary Cooper and CoopToons, so all we ask in return is for you to credit us: on your project or include a link from your website to

Our free cartoon clipart is provided for personal use only, do not give them away, use them in commercial projects or include them in other free graphics collections.