Custom Arts

Are you searching all over the entire web looking for one particular piece of clipart, web graphic or cartoon image?Do you need a custom drawing for a logo and want to own all-rights?
Looking for a custom character to represent your company?

Then you are in the right place.
Cooptoons can help!

We will create for you a custom cartoon drawing you will own and can use how ever you want!

The Process!
1. You tell me exactly what you’d like – character, colors, size, whatever you think is important. Be very descriptive.
2. I will then email you a rough of your request. Remember all roughs are FREE!
3. You decide if I’m close to what your looking for, then now is the time to pay, $45.00, for your custom image. After paying you tell me the changes you would like.
4. I will make a new rough with your changes and email it to you.
5. We will continue to email back and forth until you are happy.
6. I’ll then ink the drawing you are happy with , color it and send it to you.
7. You can then make any color changes you would like.
Depending on how many changes are made will determine the amount of time it willl take to complete your clipart request.

Our rules!

1. My price includes 1 to 2 characters with or without minimal back ground.
2. I do not draw clipart of characters, registered trade marks and logos that are protected with copyright laws without an agreement of a licensed owner.
3. I do not draw pornography related clipart.
4. I will not draw clipart that demonstrates violence and racial or religious discrimination.

Fill out the form below for a FREE rough of your clipart.