Custom Cartoon Process

Need a company Logo?

Need fresh graphics for your website?

Need to add a smile to your special project?

Tired of looking all over the internet for just that one perfect piece of clipart?

And you don’t want to use anything from those old clip art collections that have been around for over ten years. If these statements are true it might be time to go the custom route. Custom cartoon illustrations can be used for anything from business Logos to Websites, Print or Electronic.

The sample images that follow are from an actual project we did for Habby Flakes.

The Rough Stage

The first part of creating a custom cartoon illustration is roughing out the design. This is the time to get the look of character(s), get the right pose and any other details you request.

CoopToons will draw several rough sketches to get started. The sketches will be emailed to you in quantities of about 3 to 5 sketches.

You will then tell us what you think about the sketches and if you want any changes. We will stay in this stage until we get it just the way you want it. You want to change anything and it will be done.

The Clean Up Stage

After we get the sketch just the way you want it, we will start the second part of youprocess. This is where we take the sketch and redraw it on the computer using vector graphics software. Now we will have a nice clean line drawing to color.

But before any coloring starts, you receive the clean line drawing to OK. Any changes need to be made just let us know. Also you will need to tell us what you are thinking in terms of colors.

The Bring it to Life Stage

Now this is the best part! By adding color your custom cartoon image will pop!

We can pick the colors or you can pick the colors. But we will stay in the stage until you are completely happy with the color combination for your custom cartoon.



The Finishing Touches Stage

This is the last stage. Adding any text you may want, cell-shading and highlights.

Once you have approved the final look we will save the image into any image format you need. Vector or bitmap, PNG or WMF, or a combination of bitmap and vector. We will also keep the original vector image as a backup.



All my cartoon images are created in vector format. The vector format is not resolution-dependant, which means that you can resize it and you don’t get those jaggy edges that you would get when you resize a bitmap image (like a JPG or PNG).

I always will keep a back-up copy of your cartoon just in case you ever lose or accidentally delete your copy.

The vector image can be delivered to you in any file format and size you may need, whatever you or your design company requests. If you need another format later, I will send it to you. No extra charge.

Some of the popular file formats that we can deliver are Adobe Illustrator (AI), Windows Bitmap (BMP), CorelDRAW (CDR), Corel PHOTO-PAINT (CPT), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), Macromedia Flash (SWF), GIF, GIMP (XCF), JPEG (JPG), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Portable Network Graphics (PNG), TIFF Bitmap (TIF), and more.

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